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Biffy + Donavan | Sebring Florida Wedding Photographer

December 8, 2011

When I first talked to Elisabeth ‘Biffy’ and Donavan, I hadn’t moved down to Florida yet so we met via Skype.  I asked them if there were any pretty places in Sebring to take pictures in and I distinctly remember them looking at each other and laughing followed with “not in Sebring“.  Ohhh, the things we don’t appreciate in our hometown. 🙂  Needless to say,  I was SO pleasantly surprised when I came in the night before their wedding to scope things out.  Sebring, Florida is rural Florida at its finest and the entire town is centered around a massive lake.   Just take a look at all the beautiful backdrops we were able to find in this adorable little town. How gorgeous is Biffy and how gorgeous is this backdrop?   I love this windblown shotThe groomsmen and groom were cracking us and each other up…I love when groomsmen think I’m funny! 🙂These little sweeties danced the whole night and never ran out of energy…so cute!We were trying to get him to give Biffy a kiss on the cheek…he was so shy about it.
Biffy and Donavan, we had so much fun shooting your wedding and wee hope to shoot another wedding in your cute little town again!
Entire wedding images can be viewed and purchased here (you can get the password from the bride and groom): Biffy and Donovan’s entire wedding gallery

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  1. Hey! Absolutely lovely! Such a nice looking wedding. The couple look like they had a great time.

  2. fotoclipping says:

    The bride and groom make a great couple. She is stunning, you captured elegance and beauty in your photographs. Congrats to the newly weds!!

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