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Alayna and Dave | Lexington Wedding Photographers

January 8, 2013

Dave and Alayna’s wedding day was Thanksgiving Day weekend in Lexington and was held at Keeneland.  If you were in Lexington Kentucky that weekend, you know that the temp was unseasonably freeeeeeezing…I think the high was 29.  Dave and Alayna’s smiles were enough to warm up the entire day.  Alayna has an energy that makes you feel like you’ve known her for ages.  They are perfect together and I was so happy to be able to document their day for them.
Prep & Details 5_EFP.jpg
Prep & Details 27_EFP.jpg
Prep & Details 33_EFP.jpg
Prep & Details 56_EFP.jpg
Prep & Details 61_EFP.jpg
Prep & Details 92_EFP.jpg
Prep & Details 20_EFP.jpg
Prep & Details 158_EFP.jpg
Prep & Details 121_EFP.jpg

Pre-Ceremony Portraits 9_EFP.jpg
Pre-Ceremony Portraits 25_EFP.jpg
Pre-Ceremony Portraits 41_EFP.jpg
Pre-Ceremony Portraits 44_EFP.jpg
Pre-Ceremony Portraits 57_EFP.jpg
Pre-Ceremony Portraits 62_EFP.jpg
Pre-Ceremony Portraits 64_EFP.jpg
Pre-Ceremony Portraits 83_EFP.jpg
Pre-Ceremony Portraits 117_EFP.jpg
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  1. These are fabulous pictures! You are an amazing photographer!

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