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No, really! Ten years ago I was working in the corporate world and needed to raise money for a mission trip to South Africa. I decided to use my recently purchased camera to do “park picture days”. Many people call these “mini-sessions” now. Once I had hit my fundraising goal, I figured my phone would stop ringing-but it didn’t. Ignited with new-found passion and a fully booked calendar, I put my notice in at work just five months after returning from my mission trip. I was going to be a full-time photographer. While I started off photographing families, I found my niche in wedding photography and absolutely love photographing these once-in-a-lifetime days.

Hi! It’s me, Emily.

One day I picked up a camera and never looked back.

- Hot coffee in the morning
- A front porch swing
- Good conversation
- Pool days
- Spring flowers & Fall leaves
- A fresh blanket of snow
- Puppy breath
- Fancy dinners
- Exploring new cities
- A good candle
- The sound of anyone laughing

things I love:

Your wedding day is unlike any other day of your life. One of my favorite parts of the day is bridal prep. All of your best girlfriends will be in matching robes, drinking mimosas, getting their hair & makeup done, doting on you, and the wedding day excitement buzz will nearly be palpable. I absolutely love that wedding day excitement buzz; It’s a rare flavor of excitement that only comes around once-in-a-lifetime. I feel so honored to get to capture this amazing time for you.

The Prep

I feel so privileged to document the intimacy of a wedding ceremony. Nothing will pull at the heartstrings more than the tears of your groom as he looks at you, his beautiful bride, or the faces of your parents as they watch you, their beloved daughter, saying your vows. As a parent myself, I know the bitter sweetness they are feeling as they go through the reel of your childhood and young adulthood to now. These emotions are what I love to capture.

The Ceremony

Your reception will be full of once-in-a-lifetime joy and excitement. Every wedding reception is full of surprises; like your priest swing dancing with your maid of honor and your uncle on stage singing a ballad with the band. Knowing the emotion your parents have during those mother-son/father-daughter dances is what inspires me and keeps my soul burning. Every parent will remember bringing their baby home from the hospital during these dances. And that is why I am there, to capture that nostalgia and emotion.

The Reception

Photography has been a part of my life since I was in elementary school obsessively taking pictures of my friends and family with my 110 film or Polaroid instant camera. In high school I eagerly signed up for Photography 101, borrowing my grandpa’s Minolta 35mm camera and shooting on film to learn the basics of composition, light and storytelling. The click of the shutter was like music and watching my images appear from nothing in the darkroom like magic! In the years following, photography quickly transitioned to digital and I was along for the ride! 

In 2009 two important things happened—my then fiancé (now husband) gave me my first DSLR camera for Christmas, and I booked Emily Faith Photography to shoot my wedding. Little did I know how much both of those things would come to mean to me. I continued learning and loving photography, documenting my own growing family through pictures. All the while I grew a genuine friendship with Emily. 

In 2016, my younger sister asked me to take her senior portraits. I was excited but nervous! I agreed on the condition that if the pictures were terrible that she would hire a “real” photographer. I went right to my photographer friend, Emily Faith for guidance. She excitedly encouraged and guided me. To my surprise, the pictures were pretty good! Then I had a few more word of mouth referrals and before I knew it, I was in business! 

Since then I’ve shot families, newborns, seniors and weddings. People often ask which is my favorite type of photography and I truly love each one for different reasons, but weddings are so special! I love the role I play in one of the most precious days in my couples’ lives. 

I am an experienced wedding primary and secondary photographer and have spent many hours shooting with some of the best photographers from Cincinnati to Lexington. I am thrilled to continue working and growing professionally with Emily Faith Photography as their associate photographer and editor. 

Meet Mandy!

The newest member of the Emily Faith Photography team

The first sip of coffee in the morning
A good book
Sleeping babies 
A hammock in the shade 
Laughing over dinner with my best girlfriends
A dip in the pool on a hot summer day
The first brisk day of fall
Christmas morning 
Room service 
Waking up in the mountains 

things I love:

Life in squares.
Sharing our work and family adventures.