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We love late nights, real laughs, genuine love, & fresh air. If you're into photos that feel as real as you are & you want your memories made to last, you're in the right place. 

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I just luuuuh-ove when a couple has a special place in nature that has meaning to them.  Mary and Quin love his family’s lake house in Kentucky so we went there for their Fall engagement session.  We saw wild turkeys and about 20 deer frolicking on our windy drive up…not to mention gorgeous changing leaves.  […]

These 2 were so much fun to spend the evening with at Phillipe Park in Safety Harbor.  Jason kept her (and I) laughing the entire time.  I really felt like I’ve known them forever which made time just fly by during our session. Can’t wait to shoot their wedding this year!!!  They are going to […]

Some people have the gift of expressing their personality through emails.  Ashley is one of those people.  She was so bubbly, sweet, and gracious in her emails and I knew they would be a delight to work with.  They didn’t disappoint!  They were so adorable together and a joy to photograph.  We met at Gratz […]

If these 2 look like the sweetest and most in love couple yah ever did meet…well they are.   I seriously couldn’t stop grinning the entire time we were doing our session and that smile continued all the way to my editing screen.  Their chemistry is off the charts and they were so cuddly and cozy […]

These 2 met at Centre College during undergrad so they really wanted to do their engagement session at Centre in Danville Kentucky.  Sarah brought her mom and sister…and of course Donovan, their adorable little Cocker Spaniel/Poodle mix.  Between Donovan, his Searsucker bow-tie, and the pink blooming trees,  I almost lost my composure…Soooo many adorable elements. […]

I had so much fun with these 2! Errrr 3 including their yellow lab, Belle.  We did their engagement session at Ashland, The Henry Clay Estate in Lexington, Kentucky.  The blooming trees were absolutely breathtaking!  McKenzie and Tyler are precious together and have such a peaceful vibe.  Sooooo looking forward to their May wedding next […]

We met down at the beach to find out what Nathan and Ashley are having….They had their gender ultra sound this morning and they wanted to be surprised and find out with all of us there.  So Ashley handed her envelope with the news to a friend, who put the balloons in the box.  So […]


I was giddy to see Sean and Ladonna again!  It was a little over 2 years ago that I shot their wedding in Louisville, Kentucky.  They had me in tears on their wedding day…probably the most moved I’ve ever been during a ceremony and during a first dance (like, I had to get myself together […]

When I first found out my husband was accepted into medical school in Florida and we made the decision to leave Lexington, I began thinking of ways to reach out to new customers in our new, sunny home. I decided to start an online contest to help spread the word about my wedding photography business […]

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