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Melissa + David | Miami Florida Wedding Photography

November 24, 2011

Dreams really do come true.  Melissa’s dream has always been to get married at The Biltmore in Coral Gables. She was working as a cocktail waitress and David was tending bar at The Biltmore.  He asked her out almost immediately after she started working there.  Let’s be honest, his prompt move to ask her out probably left a lot of the other guys working there wishing they were a little quicker…I mean Melissa is GORGEOUS and I’m sure she had a ton of admirers.  After the ceremony, we visited that very bar for a shot of them back in their old roles (see below).  The day was full of love, laughter, and celebration.   To get the party started, Mel’s dad and brothers surprised her with a choreographed dance that had everyone in stitches.  Boy-oh-boy do these people know how to dance and party it up.  I really felt like I was with family the whole day- I just love them all!
Melissa and David, if you are reading this…can we be friends?!  Maybe I could come to Thanksgiving at your house tomorrow? ;o)  In all seriousness, you 2 are the most loving, kind, fun, and free spirited people I have ever met.  Thank you so much for allowing me to document and capture your dream wedding day! It was an honor!  Love, Your Photographer
Just look at all those ruffles….I just want to twirl looking at them.
I love a bride wearing flats…a bride wearing flats doesn’t give me dirty looks when I ask them to walk around. :O)I’m a big ol’ fan of her solitaire. Notice David’s gymmers?  Well….evidently Mel is a little forgetful. Whooooops! Thank goodness the best man was on it!Aww, they had little gifts and cards delivered to each others rooms.  He gave her skittles…she’s his rainbow. Oh Melissa, you are too funny!Another gift from Melissa on the left.  It was David’s idea to display it like a special part of their day.  Too funny.The best man had to go get David some shoes and his buddy stepped up to help him get ready.  I see a lot of guys getting ready and I’ve never seen a guy be as helpful as him.  I also couldn’t help but notice he is quite the talented dancer. This picture cracks me up….off to the left of the shot I hit my knee so hard on the night stand that it sent me flying onto the bed in pain (a little dramatic, yes) but it was one of those “funny bone” pains that are totally not funny.  Okay okay, yes clearly it was.  It was totally worth the shot! 🙂a phrase repeated incessantly while shooting this wedding. Melissa. You. Are. Stunning. I absolutely LOVE this shot…just look at that Spanish tile. Then look at those faces as she came in….Their pastor was amazing.  I came to the rehearsal and he specifically said “now here he will give her hand to David, that will be a nice shot if you stand right over there”.  I almost dropped my camera and ran up to hug him.  I love when a pastor/priest cares about the photographs for the couple.  I’ve had pastors not let me move at a ceremony and ask me to stay in the back pew.  While I totally understand the sacredness of a ceremony – these are pics that the couple will be able to look back on for their whole lives to remember the sacredness and beauty of their vows.  I suppose they have had bad experiences with photographers making a raucous.  As a professional, I always stay as discreet as possible….quiet as a little church mouse 🙂I was melting at their little looks at each other.  Aaaaah!Again, with the looks.  So sweet.BeamingNew rule: When there is a vintage Bentley and a steeple in the background, a dip must be done. Their videographers were amazing.  If you are looking for one- you have to check them out at Ever Clear Productions.  Here is one of Jessy in action.This is how they met!!!!  Right here at this very bar. I couldn’t resist a little reenactment.   Oh and that vodka cran on her tray…yeah….they made that for me and another for my 2nd shooter.   I’ve never drank on the job before…until now. 🙂The ballroom left Mel and David speechless upon entering.  It was magic. And here is how the party started….Mel’s dad and brothers surprised EVERYONE with their choreographed dance. Did I tell you her family is hilarious?!All the cousins were called to the dance floor for a toast.Melissa and Michael took over….OMGOSH, you are too funny Melissa. I just love this picture, it just shows what a loving person she is.
Thanks again Melissa and David for having me!  Cheers to a LONG happy LOVING marriage.  May you always have as much fun as you do now!
Wedding Photography: Emily Faith Photography
Videographer: Ever Clear Productions
Wedding Coordinator: Anette Alvarez with A Unique Event by Bri
Church: Coral Gables Congregational
Reception: The Biltmore Estates in Coral Gables
Flowers: Nevot Flowers
Hair & Makeup: Stephanie Garcia
Percussionist: Live Trio Band
DJ: The DJ Connection

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  1. Pamela says:

    Emily you are very good at what you do! Melissa was absolutely stunning… great shoot!

  2. Marie Asbury says:

    HOLY smokes this was a beautiful wedding! You photographed it perfectly!!

  3. I just discovered your work thanks to your comment on my B+K wedding photos. I love it!

    • emilyfaithphoto says:

      Beatrice thank you so much! I absolutely adore your Barbie and Ken wedding shoot. It was hilarious and so well done! Love love love them! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the compliment. 🙂

  4. Such a wonderful wedding dress and I should say that you do have wonderful wedding pictures too. Love it!

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