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Molly + Ryan | Cincinnati Wedding Photographer

December 2, 2011

What do you do when terrible things happen?  These 2 took action to make a difference and found love at the same time – how beautiful is that?!  Ryan’s nephew and Molly’s aunt were both affected by cancer and leukemia and it was through their determination to fight this terrible disease that they met each other.   Their passion to make a change spills over to their passion for each other, life, & family.    I love love love people who show their emotions – I suppose its because that is how I am (if I am excited I smile big, tend to clap, jump up & down, and sometime ‘cheer’)  I’m the girl who literally couldn’t walk after Kevin proposed to me…my legs were so sore from jumping up and down for hours on end- ha!  So I love how happy and visibly excited Molly and Ryan were the entire day.  Their happy energy was contagious and we had such an amazing time getting to know these 2 love birds and their families.
I love pre-wedding buzzing aboutMolly has such a special friendship with her dad…keep scrolling down to see their dance I can almost hear the cheers and Molly laughing in this picture“I’m his Mrs.” & “I’m here Mr.” signs that Molly got from Etsy Ryan trying to keep Molly cool. I love this genuine moment of laughter between themHow cute are her b-maids…I love their black and white wedding colors.  Its so classic. Awww…they were giving his g-man a hard time for being vertically challenged.  Hahaa- Groomsmen banter is the best.  He was such a good sport.Aren’t they gorge?  They were so fun to hang out with for the dayAaahhhh- how cute are they?!!?!  I told you that their joy was BIG. Molly told me that this is one of her favorite moments captured: the snap right before the dance- the upper left hand pic.   Their faces say it all.  Hilarious. I love me a groom that can get down- go Ryan, go Ryan, go Ryan….I just love their families.  I love being able to capture these moments that will be treasured forever for not only the bride and groom but their families. Such an honor. Molly and Ryan, thank you for letting me capture such a beautiful & joyful day for you both!  Cheers to a long – happy – healthy life together!

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  1. Dear Mrs. Donohue, you are one amazing photographer. Wowser!

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