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Melissa and Doug | Fort Lauderdale Wedding Photographers

November 28, 2012

Melissa and Doug were giddy with excitement on their wedding day, held at Hillsboro Club in Hillsboro Beach, right outside of Fort Lauderdale.    The entire day was so laid back and full of joy, love, excitement, and dancing.  The way every wedding should be!  We wish them a lifetime of sunshine!
Prep & Details 11_EFP.jpg
2nd Prep & Details 10_EFP.jpg
Prep & Details 14_EFP.jpg
Prep & Details 4_EFP.jpg
Pre Ceremony Portraits 15_EFP.jpg
Pre Ceremony Portraits 26_EFP.jpg
Pre Ceremony Portraits 46_EFP.jpg
Pre Ceremony Portraits 67_EFP.jpg
Pre Ceremony Portraits 71_EFP.jpg
Ceremony 52_EFP.jpg

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