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May 19, 2013

Ashley is my Florida soul sister.  Our husbands are in med school together and we met 2 years ago.  We both agree that we don’t know what we would have done without the other to get through these 2 years of being the wife of a med student.  We realize how fortunate we are but there are also big challenges and huge stresses being away from home and becoming a ‘med school widow’.  Having a person who understands exactly what you are going thru, is/was invaluable.  I get teary when I think of us not living in the same city…I know without a doubt that even though thousands of miles may separate us in life, we will be lifetime friends and always make an effort to maintain our friendship.
Ash is absolutely gorgeous and glowing at this stage in her pregnancy and we had so much fun taking her maternity pictures at Vizcaya in Miami. I feel honored that she chose me to capture such a beautiful time in her life.  I texted her last night and said I was getting so sappy thinking about Liam having one of these pictures framed in his home when he is older.  I picture him looking at this framed photo and seeing how gorgeous and young his mom looks.  I imagine he will feel that connection that his mom felt for him during her pregnancy and how he will always be able to say “that’s me and my mom”.
Our friend Jess (also a wife of a 3rd year med student), whom we met last year and became equally close to, came for the fun with her little bambino Mason. I’m so grateful for these two girls!  I truly never thought I could have such an incredible friendship with 2 girls I’ve only known 1-2 years.
Hair and makeup artistry by the fabulous Susana Betancourt in Miami, Fl.

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