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Nate and Kate | Cincinnati Family Photographers

June 26, 2013

Emily Dickinson once said “My friends are my estate”, in that case, Kate has been one of my valued treasured assets since 8th grade.  I remember it like it was yesterday: I walked into Mrs. Clifton’s algebra class at Milford Junior High, sat down, turned around to borrow a pencil and there sat Kate.  Kate smiled exposing her bright shiny braces right as I grinned exposing my mouth covered in metal.  And there it began, the blossoming of a beautiful friendship that has stood the test of time.   I was sooo honored and flattered when Kate sent me a text message and said “we want to book you for a real paid session….and we won’t have it any other way”.  Even more of an honor, Kate and her husband have started their own photography business and you can check them out at Nate and Kate Photography.
Their girls are the sweetest and the most well behaved little peanuts…this is of course attributed to Kate and Nate.  Kate is the best mom and I take mental notes at everything she does….I hope to be half the mom she is one day.
Enjoy these images of their sweet family!

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  1. These family pictures are amazing! Love, love them!

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