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Karolina + JP | Delray Beach Wedding Photography

December 9, 2011

2 things are for sure – every bride and groom want their guests to have an awesome time at their reception and they want their wedding to be unique.  JP & Karolina were no exception.  They rented a massive house in Delray Beach Florida and had friends and family stay with them.  Those who couldn’t fit in the house stayed in downtown Delray Beach and came in on a party bus.  Speaking of parties, this was one heck of a shebang.  Everyone mingled and had cocktails while waiting for the ceremony to begin.  And when JP and the groomsman took their positions at the ‘citrus altar’, family and friends were standing up and hooting and hollaring at them “oh baby you look so handsome”, “woo-hoo”.   Ha! It was a hoot!  🙂  Karolina tried so hard not to cry and when she almost broke down while walking toward JP, several people encouraged her to keep in together…so sweet.
The wedding was set up on the backside of the house- could we have asked for a better day? It was gorgeous and perfect out!
Maybe one of my favorite dress pics ever.  I just love the white palette and the palm trees out the window.  Its tropically delicious. The girls looked out the window and announced to everyone that the bus was there….wait until you see Karolina’s face.  Excitement and anticipation looking at her guests arriving.  LOVE. THIS. IMAGE.Waiting for the ceremony to begin…Remember when I told you that everyone was talking to JP and his g-men.  “Baby you look so handsome” “stay right there, let me get your picture” “wooo-hoooo” “looking good JP” …ha! 🙂Such sweet little nuggets.And here is when everyone was encouraging Karolina….”Baby don’t cry”,  “you look amazing”.  The bride having people talk to her when she walks down the isle was definitely a first.  I am pretty sure this wouldn’t be kosher at most weddings…so don’t try this at home folks. ;o)They had a special handshake before their 1st kiss.  Awesome! I think every bride can relate to this emotion she is showing…yes?!Of course she gave guests hi-fives…of course she did.  At smaller weddings, I always like to get a group shot because odds are all the people there are super close to the couple. This is a college crew shot…meet the party animals, folks. ;o)The ceremony started really late so we were able to squeeze in these shots right after the sun set.  Whew-weeee I had to work fast!Karolina & JP, it was such a pleasure to photograph this day for you.  Cheers to always having this much passion for life and each other!

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  1. Awesome wedding, thanks for sharing ! I love the color theme and the bridesmaid gowns. Congratulations and best wishes to the newly weds.

  2. Such a brilliant looking wedding and couple! Great photos!

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