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The Donohue Family | Family Vacation Photographers in Florida

February 14, 2013

The Donohue Family came back down to Florida for vacation and I was lucky enough to have the chance to go up and see them in Stuart.  They are my in-laws who come down every year to vacation in Stuart and this will be the last time I can just “pop up” 95 to see them.  This time next year we will be living in Clearwater!
If you want to see last year’s photos you can click here!  So great to get to see them and take pics of their sweet family…enjoy their sweet faces!Donohue_Family_2013 13_EFP.jpg
Donohue_Family_2013 18_EFP.jpg
Donohue_Family_2013 35_EFP.jpg
Donohue_Family_2013 3_EFP.jpg
Donohue_Family_2013 40_EFP.jpg
Donohue_Family_2013 41_EFP.jpg
Donohue_Family_2013 53_EFP.jpg
Donohue_Family 2_EFP.jpg

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