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Vivian and Roy | Fort Lauderdale Wedding Photographers

March 5, 2013

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Reception 8_EFP.jpg
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Reception 204_EFP.jpg
This backyard wedding at the couple’s home was such a pleasure to photograph.  I met Melissa, Vivian’s daughter, while she was my neighbor when we first moved to Fort Lauderdale.  She and her sister are THE SWEETEST people.  It’s hard to believe they are from South Florida. ;o)  But when you meet their mom, it’s obvious where they get their good hearts.   It was beautiful to watch them rallying around their mom to celebrate such a joy-filled day.  I had so many warm-heart-flutter moments when I saw them all interacting and relishing in the moment.  Vivian and Roy’s ceremony was a tear jerker and a knee slapper as they exchanged their personal vows.  It was an absolute honor to spend the day with these 2 families as they became one family.

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